Hon Nurudeen Balogun Appreciate All.

 During the solemn occasion of my dear mother's 8-day funeral prayer, I was humbled and profoundly grateful for the presence and support of a remarkable group of individuals and Alfas who came together to honor her memory. These individuals, who graciously took the time to be with us during this challenging time, have truly left an indelible mark on my heart.


First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the absence of my leader, Honorable Busari Olayemi, whose message was thoughtfully delivered. Your words of condolence and support were felt even in your absence.


I also extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Deputy Speaker of Oyo State, Honorable Abiodun Fadeyi, and his esteemed entourage. Your presence added a sense of dignity and respect to the event, and your thoughtful words offered solace to our grieving hearts.

Let me also appreciate the Executive Chairman of Ona Ara Local Government, Hon Adeshina Musibau Shaba, Your message is well delivered sir. 

I am equally thankful to the Inukan LCDA Chairman, Honorable Adekunle Balogun, and his wife, for sharing their support and compassion during this time of mourning. Your presence was a testament to the strength of our community bonds.

Baba mi Chief Waheed Adurodekun, your presence at the funeral prayer was a source of comfort and reassurance. Your kindness and solidarity meant more than words can express.

To Honorable Akeem Oke and all the PDP leaders right from the Local Women leader of our great party, Ward 11 Chairman Baba Alaro, Alarafa, Oloyede, Alago and all PDP members in Ona Ara Local Government, your unity and solidarity were a poignant reminder of the power of shared grief and mutual support. Your presence was a reflection of the values my mother held dear.

I extend my gratitude to the dedicated staff of The Oke Ogun Polytechnic, Saki, who joined us to remember and honor my mother. Your presence symbolized the broader impact we share together.

My dear friend, Honorable Kehinde Ogunlade, Egbon mi Taiwo Onimalu your unwavering friendship and presence during this difficult time meant more to me than words can convey. Your support was a true blessing.

I also want to recognize my loyal political son, Idris Damola Clever, for standing by my side during this period of mourning. Your steadfastness and commitment touched my heart deeply.

As we gather to remember my mother and bid her a peaceful farewell, I offer my heartfelt prayers for each and every one of you. May your lives be filled with happiness, good health, and success. May your kindness and compassion continue to uplift and inspire those around you. May the memory of this solemn occasion remind us all of the importance of unity, friendship, and community in times of both joy and sorrow.

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