The race of a million miles begins with just a step and the 4Ds which include Decision, Determination, Dedication and Distinction

Looking at the political cycle and this current political dispensation, we will know the importance  of having a man who is loyal to his people, a man who finds the people of his constituency worthy of good representation and this is where BUSARI OLAYEMI comes in.

OLAYEMI a leader who has shown much sincerity, fairness and a man who plays all inclusive politics, a man who is easily accessible, a man with open arms.

Kobomoje has  been a tested and trusted democrat with track records in Egbeda/Ona Ara federal constituency whose  performances are still unbeatable till today.

We can't continue with the ugly representation where representatves will abandon us immediately after voting for them.

 The time for true representation is now, a man of humility, responsible and very sensitive to the plight of his people, a man who knows where shoe pinches the people of his constituency and always comes to our aid by providing relieving materials.

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