3 Years of Accelerated Development: Hon Adekunle Balogun Celebrate Engineer Seyi Makinde.

 Inukan LCDA Political Head/Administrator, Hon Adekunle Balogun Congratulated his Excellency, Engineer Abiodun Oluwaseyi Makinde, The Executive Governor of Oyo State on his third years anniversary in office.


Hon Kunle Balogun in his congratulatory message described the tenure of Makinde as the one filled with excellent performance.

He stressed that the group people of Oyo State and Ajia will never forget his unprecedented achievements in Ajia community from 21km Road construction to Airforce base to Solar light and some big projects in Ajia community.

Hon kunle Balogun further commended the Governor for deeming it very pertinent to be paying Civil servants and pensioners every 25th of the month. This gesture no doubt is worthy of emulation as it keeps the economy of Oyo State running.

He concluded that the only way the good people of Oyo state, can show their gratitude to Engr Seyi Makinde is to re-elect him as the Executive Governor of Oyo State come 2023 to continue with the good work he has started.

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