I hope you all asked your parents. What happened in Magodo happened under President Muhammad Buhari when he was GMB.

 As my father Victor Omololu Olunloyo says “The military boys forcefully took the land and shared it between themselves.” He was referring to how military Governor Raji Rasaki gave Maroko people 7 days to pack and relocate. The land is now called Lekki. I grew up in Ikoyi from 13-16yo schooling in Victoria Island trooping with my mates on Falomo Bridge to 1004 where other classmates lived and we all crossed the road to the Federal school of Arts and Science FSAS. My dad used to tell us the British who ruled us NEVER touched that pocket of land because they knew it was water underneath and no drainage in the rainy season. Today the military sold all that land to different people now paying for floods and water in their homes during Lagos rainy season. Every Governor is the BEST in Lagos until rainy season🙄🌧

On to Magodo Phase 2 where the military forcefully took the land from the Shangisha family. Their generation aka great grandchildren have gone to the Supreme Court. They have a court order to take back their land. Where are the military boys? All retired enjoying abroad and their families taken care of. Some even passed away while destroying so many lives. The people say they purchased the land from Lagos state government. The land title is now an issue. What happened here in law enforcement terms in US/Canada is called “theft by conversion” which is what the military did in 1984. The 1978 land use act comes in. People should start moving out, but must require the state to provide them adequate compensation. Magodo will become a war zone soon. People will defend their properties. Demolition will start soon and even Sanwoolu and myself were 18 and 19yo respectively when this happened. You clearly saw a CSP telling the Governor he’s too small to call Malami and the IGP. President Buhari who was in power when this land was “stolen” is SILENT. NEVER BUILD A HOUSE IN LAGOS‼️ My uncles brand new house was demolished right after completion. He died of a heart attack weeks later. Mr Bankole Balogun the pioneer head of Radio Nigeria #RIP Served the federal government his entire life. House was built on Lagos state “stolen” land. So many 419 land sellers. 

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