INDEPENDENCE DAY!! Happy 60th Independence Day Nigeria.

Nigeria has been a country bound in harmony and solidarity for a very long time today. 
1️⃣ No matter what is wrong with our educational system now.

2️⃣  No matter the kind of leaders we have.

3️⃣  No matter how the state of our economy is.

4️⃣  No matter where we are today.

5️⃣  No matter what the security situation of the country looks like.

Regardless of whatever, let all actually put stock in Nigeria, no country is 100% great and clearly things will improve sooner than we as a whole envisioned. 

Our beloved country is 60 years old today, counting from the end of the colonial era. On this day in 1960, a new free era began for Nigeria, in which we independently built our own country and government.


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