Managing An NGO Is Like Managing A Corporate Business Outlet - Oyeleye Kehinde "Founder, Acalypha Initiative.

Meet Mr. Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel the great man behind ACALYPHA INITIATIVE he's a young Nigerian man who has been touching so many lives with his humanitarian work.
FISCANLOADED Staff  "OLUFISAYO" had an interview with Mr. Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel the founder of ACALYPHA INITIATIVE as respects his humanitarian work below were the following discussions.

Please Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel by name i hails from Ikun-Akoko in Akoko South West LG of Ondo state. Holds a bachelor's degree in Local government and Development Studies from the Obafemi Awolowo University, presently running my masters degree program in Public Administration though working as an administrative officer at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Ondo state.
Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel is Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA), Peace Ambassador for YCAPF, Child Protection Ambassador at My Body is My Body and just recently I was named an Global Youth Ambassador at TheirWorld.

Ok, Sir Mr Oyeleye Kehinde You also run an Initiative?

Absolutely Mr Olufisayo.

Can You Please Tell Us About Your initiative sir?

Acalypha Initiative is a non governmental organization that seeks to bring hope to children living in low income communities through educational sponsorship, Advocacy/sensitization and Charity Projects.

Acalypha Initiative focuses on the UN SDG 3, 4 and 17.

Ok sir, Mr Oyeleye Kehinde Can you please tell us the full meaning of UN SDG?

Ok Mr Olufisayo.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal

Goal 3- Good health and Wellbeing

Goal 4 Quality Education

Goal 17 Partnership for the goal

In your own words, why do you think NGO is important sir?

Economically, it's well known that we run a mixed economy ie. capitalism and socialism. But captured in this system is a loophole that both system could not fill and that's why the third sector which is the NGO sector is needed to compliment the activities of the government and also meet the demands of the populace.

Do You Have Any Funny Experiences With Your NGO?

It depends on what's funny or what you mean by funny experiences Mr Olufisayo.

I mean any challenges.


Can you please tell us few about the challenges sir?

My journey as a leader of an Ngo has been quite tasking for me such that it has help developed me better but I must say that the sacrifice committed to birthing result isn't a small thing.. But many thanks to God who had afforded us Grace for the journey

Managing an NGO is like managing a corporate business outlet which requires skilled workers but in this case Volunteers. However,in this NGO journey soft skills are of utmost time management skills, problem solving skills, Emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills. Let me say that in this business Passion, commitment and resilience is what make a successful NGO

Innovative programs are at the mercy of the Volunteers and leaders we have as a family. The creativity and innovation isn't a one man thing. We relate as a family where everyone voice is recognized and respected. Gaining mastery of how to relate with your team will by default ease ones innovative process. For me the experience has been amazing.

Can You Please Tell Us About Your Volunteering Experience?

Acalypha Initiative was born out of a passion to see children living in low income communities have access to basic education.

We started out in Jan 21 2018 in Benue state, but began operations in the month of February when we had to sponsor 7 pupils back to sch at least for a session.

In July 2018 we partnered with StepUp Foundation and organize a 3day online summit on Volunteering. Later in December we held a 2day Volunteering Conference while the third day was for a community clean up in the city of Kwara.

Subsequently We held our first menstrual Hygiene campaign in Buruku,Benue state, Oral Hygiene campaign in the month of June with over 200 beneficiaries. In September we held our #KitUpAChild project where we gave out 30new Uniforms and stationariies like books and writing materials to over 100students

In February 2019,we began with a School tour on Child sexual abuse which held across 4 schools in Osun State with an impact possibility of over 500 students in all the schools.

May 2019 Our #SafeFlow project which is focused on celebrating World Menstrual Hygiene Day was held across 5state of the federation with us reaching out to over 2000 girls with 580 students as beneficiaries of the menstrual pads.

In September 2019, Our Kit Up A Child project also held in collaboration with Noble Heart Care foundation where we held the project in the state of Oyo and Osun respectively with us huging out 50 Uniforms, 30sch bags, 50+ sandals and over 150 students benefited from the books and writing materials we shared.

In March 2020, We held a #StemProject in Oyo state and Career Awareness School Tour across 5 state of the federation with an impact level of over 200students

However, over the last 2years we have partnered with other Ngos doing amazing things and this has help us go far in the result we claim to have. We have partnered in hosting summit, conferences, Walk, Social media campaigns, Clean Ups and so On...

How Do You Cope With Your Studies And Your NGO?

Smiles...  My studies is quite on a different plane from my Ngo. We have a team of leaders that make things work. My responsibility is to just monitor and carry out oversight functions and mobilization of Volunteers for the project.

 What Initially Attracted You To NGO?

I wasn't attracted to running an NGO... NGO is just a means to an end.

The end is my pursuit to seeing that children living in low income communities have access to quality education.

I grew up under such an amazing experience of being sent out from school from my Jss1 to SS1.

For many reasons best known to God.... I had that burning passion to see that no child experience what I passed through.

Before you start your own NGO have you ever been a volunteer of any NGO before?

I have
Thrive Shuttle Initiative and Dellasdiary Foundation.

Not to waste much of your time Mr Oyeleye Kehinde Emmanuel You have answered most of my questions sir

Thanks Mr Olufisayo for connecting with me.

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