#BBNaija: Khafi has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija House after being among those with the least vote.

This previous week's nomination/eviction must be the hardest, with high key housemates like, Tacha, Seyi, Mike and Khafi all up for Eviction!

… And, KHAFI has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija House, in the wake of being among those with the least vote.

Seyi and Tacha were spared before!
In the interim, Some Details You Might Have Missed!

The Currency Confession

At the point when gotten some information about the sum he had in his Coins stash, Ike uncovered to Mike that Mercy has every one of his Coins to which an excessively defensive Mike advised Ike to recover his Coins. . “Don’t be stupid, ask her for all your Coins,” Mike sternly told Ike.

On this note, Ike proceeded to disclose to Mike that he used to keep their Coins in a similar satchel yet after a battle, Mercy as a rule takes every one of her Coins back. Be that as it may, as of late, she holds the tote to the aggregate Coins stack.
Batter Plot 

In their discussion early today, Mike uncovered to Ike that he has a concurrence with Seyi in regards to the assignment of Bet9ja Coins. “If he leaves, I get all his Coins and if I leave after, you get all the Coins,” he obviously told Mike. Elsewhere in the world, with Seyi and Mike being up for conceivable Eviction yesterday, they've chosen to build their companion's survival opportunities to the last in the Pepper Dem House.

For reasons unknown, Mike appeared to be wrapped with Eviction tension toward the beginning of yesterday as he proceeded to disclose to Ike that he had for the current week to battle for Veto Power, which will leave him with seven days for his to purchase whatever he esteems fit with the Coins.

“I was going to share it between you and Seyi anyway but it would make more sense if one of us is guaranteed survival till the final,” Mike included. 

The two of them bore witness to the way that this week will include a great deal of Immunity buy from the Bet9ja goodie pack, seeing that a ton of the Housemates have been unobtrusively reserving their Coins for this reason.

What's more, Ike said Biggie may astound them and remove the Immunity from the rundown, yet they disposed of the idea straightaway.

To wrap up their discussion, Ike guaranteed Mike that he was not going to be Evicted. “When you survive this week,” we'll remain till the finals.

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