“Older people in the movie industry and my family told me to move on after Abiodun Jimoh sexually molested me” – Actress Lizzy Jay (OMO IBADAN).

Scarcely any days after Nollywood film producer, Abiodun Jimoh precluded the allegation from claiming explicitly attacking Instagram comic, Lizzy Jay a.k.a Omo Ibadan, the entertainer has uncovered why she opened up to the world about the allegation.
As per Lizzy Jay, she talked up on the grounds that she wanted to give a voice to others made up for lost time in same experience.

“I alleged that he molested me sexually. For the record, when the whole thing started, I informed my family and a few older people in the industry about it. They asked me to keep calm and move on. If I wanted to institute an action then, I would have (done so).

“I felt I needed to be at peace with my mind as regards the issue, and to give a voice to whoever is suffering or has suffered the same fate as mine, hence the outburst. Like I said on my Instagram page, the molestation of a woman is a desecration of her values. Rape trend or not, we all have our ways of addressing issues peculiar to us.

“For the record again, I maintain my stand and I reiterate all I have said without any equivocation, save for the fact that I do not intend to do further than I have done so far, having found my peace, and because of the intervention of some persons I respect like Mr Latin and Mr Yinka Quadri.
“However, if anyone feels he has been defamed by my outburst or allegation, let him seek redress and I will furnish the right quarters with my evidence,” she told Saturday Beats.
Likewise relating her experience as a feature of Jimoh's film production group before her leave, she conceded that it was an intriguing stage for her. She stated,

“I would be a hypocrite if I say working with him for few months was not interesting. I only got to go to his movie sets once in a while; like I already said, I concentrate more on my comedy than acting. I had to eventually quit when I couldn’t cope with his several moves and actions. And for the record, he didn’t send me away, I quit, I left the group on my own; he is aware of this, as well as other people I informed about my intention to leave.”

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