Well known Nigerian Journalist Kemi Olunloyo warns Famous Actress Iyabo Ojo to never set foot in Ibadan.

Disputable Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has cautioned famous actress, Iyabo Ojo never to set foot in the city of Ibadan for calling her the genuine 'Yahoo Yahoo'. 
Hours back, Iyabo Ojo had taken to social media to hammer the journalist whom she blamed for utilizing her name to extort individuals.

The actress shared,

Well! well! well!! Manipulating people with my name to seek attention & emotionally blackmailing them to donate money towards a made up lie you created in your head to seek sympathy is a BIG SCAM and totally unacceptable…… You’re the real yahoo yahoo, in fact yours is a PLUS. Awon online mummy ……… be prepared …… Ewa alright Las Las @kemiolunloyo
may all your Curses return back to you a million times
oni PTSD illegal

Kemi Olunloyo then reacted by asserting the actress attempted to reward her with a house, vehicle and telephone.

EXCLUSIVE: AIice Iyabo Ojo @iyaboojofespris attempted to BRIBE me with a house+car+expensive phone in exchange for a post on her saying I’ve forgiven her and another post on Apostle Suleman Johnson “making his image look good” She had her agent call me on the 17th and 18th. All audios and screenshots this week @saharareporters in my interview today. Everyone EXPOSED! A liar, cheat and fraud! Suleman is tired of his name coming out of their rants so they wanna make him look good cod he “helps” their foundation the agent said.
She wrapped up by notice the actress to never to set foot in Ibadan.

Iyabo Ojo do not enter Ibadan it is not safe. To my fans, pls do not advocate VIOLENCE. If coming to Ibadan @iyaboojofesprishave heavy security.

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