“My boyfriend knows that what is between Broda Shaggi and me is work" - Aunt Shaggi Says.

We should be straight… Most of all of you are of the supposition that Aunt Shaggi is Broda Shaggi's better half.. what's more, in the event that they weren't dating, He more likely than not been hitting it some way or another… and the bits of gossip even expanded when Shaggi got her a brand new car. 

Nonetheless, in an exploration made accessible with FISCANLOADED STAFF, Aunt Shaggi kept up that she had a sweetheart. Talking about her relationship, she stated:

“My boyfriend knows that what is between Broda Shaggi and me is work. Also, I don’t think Broda Shaggi’s girlfriend sees me as a threat too.”

Aunt Shaggi additionally expressed that the vehicle blessing came as a shock to her as well. She stated,

“When the car was presented to me, it took me about 20 minutes to come to terms with it. I kept shouting that it was a lie. It was an amazing feeling and I felt overwhelmed. This is my first car.”
Depicting 2018 as her time of resurrection, she stated,

“Last year was great for me. I was accepted by Broda Shaggi, which gave me the needed exposure. I visited the United Kingdom and started my own initiative, A Date with the Counsellor. As if all these were not enough testimonies, God crowned it all with the gift of a car from Samuel Perry.”

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